I'm Syl.

It me.


That's short for 'biography.'

26 y/o black American with an overactive imagination, a distrust of time, and an affinity for water.

Full bio coming soon.



New new.

NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2018 submission.

I'm making the highlights.


There's so much power in friendship, in teamwork. I want to be a beacon for that idea.

Upcoming dates.

Come see me perform.

Mar 15: w/ Jazze Belle @ BRIC (8PM)
+ opening for Jamila Woods

Mar 18: w/ Shareef Keyes @ Bar Naive (8PM)

Mar 22: w/ Jazze Belle @ C'mon Everybody (8PM)
+ L'Rain; Elbows

March 24: w/ ScienZe @ Friends & Lovers (8PM)
+ Geminelle; Dom O Briggs

Mar 27: w/ JAFÉ @ C'mon Everybody (8PM)
+ Kahiem Rivera; Levi Capper

Mar 31: w/ Shareef Keyes @ Mercury Lounge (8PM)
+ Daniel Ellsworth; Bad Brother; The Avalon Hi-Fi; Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Apr 14: w/ The Harlem Society @ The Triad Theater (4PM)

Apr 26: w/ Jazze Belle (TBD)

May 10: TBA
+opening for Bonomo

7 day war

Beat tape.

The search for Planet Namek's Dragon Balls turns into a tug-o-war between the remaining members of the Dragon Team, the Planet Trade Organization, and Prince Vegeta, who has recently deserted his PTO post. Enjoy my retelling of this story's twists and turns set to music + accompanied by actual dialogue from the show to create a one-of-a-kind unfolding of this week-long conflict.

7 day war


Coming soon.

7 day war


7 day war is available in full for streaming via YouTube & SoundCloud.

7 day war


7 day war


2017, 2018.

Alcohol-Free (1)
Braxton Cook (1)
Daniele (1 2)
Jazze Belle (1 2)
Jenn Mundia (1)
Guava (1)
Paulina Singer (1 2)
ScienZe (1)
Shareef Keyes (1 2)

May 2016

Picture by Melissa Isabel Photography.

By Melissa Isabel Photography.


The Love Experiment!!!

The Love Experiment x WONK





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