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Bandcamp donations
I want to donate the money I make from track purchases on Bandcamp to black people in need. To keep transparent, you can check out the receipts below (and maybe make a contribution of your own!)

September 02 2020
Everything I made from music on Bandcamp from June 2020 - September 02 2020 was donated! We ended up with $160.56. I divided that up three ways, which came to $53.52, which I rounded up to $54.

The first donation was to Jakob Blake's medical fund. Jacob was shot seven times by Kenosha, WI police while he was breaking up a fight. As a result of this shooting, he has become paralyzed from the waste down. His family is doing their best to see him to what can only be hoped for as a full recovery. Mecidal treatment is exhaustivly expensive in the United States, any help toward their goal would definitely be appreciated.

The second donation goes to the Black Trans Travel Fund. As if being a black woman in this world isn't difficult enough, travel becomes especially troublesome: being exploited sexually, stolen from and tormented, and downright being denied service are all too common. Compound that with the blantant hate trans people receive for existing... traveling while black and trans becomes a life or death situation. Devin Lowe has created a fund that allows black trans women to request monetary to travel safely. You can read more about the grassroots organization and make your own donation.

The third donation goes to Jahaira Mendoza. She's a Afro Latina intersex woman who is trying to acquire safe and stable housing, having move by Septembr 8. I came by her situation through Aaron Philip's Instagram account (she regularly boosts fundraisers black women in need!). I really hope she can meet her goal, as fast as her move date is approaching. You can also send via her Cashapp (all info is on the Gofundme linked above).