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COVID / black life-related resources, curated by Syl DuBenion; updated August 23 2020

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12 y/o Keashon Harris invents S.A.M., "Social Awareness Machine"

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How does your inner voice shape your reality?

By Wednesday Holmes
"I found that my inner voice was holding me back alot, and when i started changing that, i found much more courage to go for things i had convinced myself i didnt deserve."


Official White House petition to arrest Breonna Taylor's killers
Official White House petition to reopen Sandra Bland's case
The Nap Ministry: A community that promotes self-care, activism, and healthy habits through the power of rest
Book Fair for All is a take-one-leave-one public library set up by Arti Gollapudi at the Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY.
The big list of ethical alternatives to Amazon
Petition to drop charges against San Luis Obispo community leader Tianna Arata
Sun Stars Moon: a Spotify playlist of black people making music about the universe, bit by bit

Smart Guy; The Soda Wars (S03E22)

T.J., Marcus and Mo create their own soda brand to compete with Colonel Bubble after they raise the prices at the school's vending machine. -- originally aired May 2 1999

the working class aesthetic & gentrification

by Jordan Theresa